Rebecca Hamilton on the Freedom of Post-Kavanaugh Christians

Rebecca Hamilton on the Freedom of Post-Kavanaugh Christians October 9, 2018

She remarks on how the appointment of Kavanaugh frees us from the lie “V0te GOP or the Baby Gets It”:

The fact is that there are now — count them — one, two, three, four, five handpicked, vetted, promised ones on the Court. We have paid with our souls, our ability to think, our fidelity to Christ, our witness for Him, and our country. But we have five votes that we have been promised over and over and over again will overturn Roe v Wade and Casey. 

But that isn’t the wonderful thing that happened. The wonderful thing is that we are now free. We don’t have to be Stepford voters ever again. 

We can pay attention to other issues, such as protecting social security and health care, rebuilding our infrastructure, taking the power back from the wealthy and giving it to the people again, keeping our kids safe in schools and providing every child with a first-class, free education. We can end this endless war and finally live in peace. We can reclaim our sanity and stop blindly hating one another. Maybe we can even begin to follow the real Jesus Christ of the real Gospels. We can be Americans again. 

There is a catch to this. We have five monsters on the Supreme Court who were put there, not to support the sanctity of human life, but to make America a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. Their real job isn’t overturning Roe. That’s just the hook in our mouths that the power brokers have used to drag us around. Their real job, and why they were nominated, is draining every last drop of blood out of the people of this country and putting it into the coffers of a few obscenely wealthy people. We have a Congress that labors in the same vineyard. Indeed, we have an entire political party and most of our religious leaders who are nothing but whores for the rich. 

The moral destruction to this nation has been immense. And the almost total annihilation of the witness to Christ from our religious leaders has become rock hard and set in concrete. 

There’s a lot of power to be had in the moral blackmail and spiritual abuse to which pro life people have been subjected this past half century. The holders of this power aren’t going to free us willingly. 

But we can free ourselves. We just have to be very stubborn and tough about doing it.

The “prolife” Christianist movement has utterly and completely sold its soul in order to gain the world.  If they choose to, they can now finally abandon their supposed “focus” on abortion and pay attention to the rest of the Church’s teaching that they have allegedly been postponing till the Court had a majority to magick abortion away.  Now at last, they are free to care about all the other forms of human life they have allegedly been prevented from caring about by the supposedly urgent issue of abortion that allegedly consumed all their thoughts.

Only here’s the thing: the Trump devotee doesn’t really care about abortion.  That’s why they have not minded when Trump and his party re-funded Planned Parenthood 8 times so far since Trump was inaugurated.  They are fine with that.  What they really care about and have spent their time fighting for is… whatever Trump and the Right Wing Noise Machine command.  They have defended sexual assault (a YUGE laugh-getter last week was mockery of a sexual assault victim, and the Sex Predator in Chief now brags that his insults and misogyny turned the tide, freeing GOP orcs to get in touch with their inner swine).  They have defended this:

Trump Disability GIF

They not only defend, they love the caging, sexual abuse, and psychological torture of children at the border.  They love the humiliation of women.  They love the degradation of the poor and the brown.  They love the Nazi marcher, the exaltation of Jim Crow (back when America was great), the expansion of the largest gulag on planet Earth.  They love the cruelty, the sadism, the vengeance.  They love it all.  The crap about babies is all just a fig leaf for the bulk of them.

Of course, there are always going to be some young people, new to the political arena and genuinely scandalized by abortion who will enter into the “prolife” movement honestly and innocently, genuinely concerned to protect human life.  There remain a few simple souls, innocent of politics who just want to stop the slaughter.  To them I say only, “Listen to Rebecca Hamilton and do not let yourself be played and seduced by the Christianist Freak Show that uses the lives you are trying to save as human shields for the appalling and inhuman machine that ‘prolife’ leadership and GOP sadists have created.”  When a grifting priest who eternally dodges financial accountability uses a dead fetus as a prop for a stump speech on behalf of a grifting sex predator

A still purporting to be from a Mass Fr Frank Pavone celebrated with the body of a deceased baby on the altar. Photo: Patheos

…trust your instincts and know that this is emblematic of deep, deep, deeeeeeeep spiritual corruption from a politicized culture that will stop at no kind of sacrilege in its raw lust for power.

Listen instead to the gospel of Jesus Christ and fight for all human life from conception to natural death.  Do not let yourself become–as millions of “prolife” liars have become–an apologist for the robbery, assault, rape, torture, and murder of the least of these.  Learn to be a Christian–a disciple of Jesus Christ–and not a Christianist servant of the devil and his lies.

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