Signs of Hope

Signs of Hope October 24, 2018

Reader (and soon to be author) Stephanie Thomas writes:

I live my faith by working with women and girls who beg on street corners with cardboard signs. I lead a team of women who go out onto the streets to pray and minister to the people who are begging there.

I’ve spent 8 years working with women who beg on the streets of Greensboro and with people in the homeless community. I also recently finished writing a book (not yet published) about the first year and a half I spent on the street with them. I was inspired to connect with these women and help tell their stories after I witnessed a teenage girl begging on the corner not far from my house. Before that day, I had never spoken to a homeless person. My perspective has changed dramatically about people who beg and are homeless, and now I’m trying to raise awareness and encourage my fellow Christians to help – for whatever we do for one of the least of these, we do for Him.

You can learn more about me and my work at and, which is the website for the homeless newspaper I’m responsible for in Greensboro, NC where I live.

Please pray for Stephanie that she can get her book published, that it gains a wide readership, and that the folks she cares for are helped thereby.  Also, check out her links and see what you can do to help support her work with prayer, time, talent and/0r treasure.

You guys are always so generous when help for the least of these is asked.  Thanks!

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