Dang! This is great!

Dang! This is great! December 1, 2018

While the Christianist cult of Reactionary Catholics congeals into an Inquisition bent on purging and kicking out everybody in the Church, including the pope, actual Catholics are laboring to evangelize.  Here’s a rather startling example of the most visible Catholic evangelist in the secular sphere:

One of the reasons the pope is so deeply hated by Reactionaries is precisely that his entire pontificate can be summarized in the words, “He has preached good news to the poor.” Everything about that is anathema, especially to Catholic Christianists, for whom the faith is a club for the comfortable. Evangelism brings in riff raff: the poor, the crippled, the blind, the lame, the brown, people with all sorts of psychological and emotional problems, people who don’t care about liturgy wars, people who did not vote for Trump and who are being injured and even killed by him, people from the third world who are dying because of our financial, political, and military schemes abroad. All very inconvenient. What the Cult wants is to drive people out of and away from the Church.

Guys like Colbert are actual evangelists and they feel the responsibility to speak the gospel *especially* to people who are not members of the choir. He does it constantly. And in the weirdest place: late night TV. Reactionaries hate him for it. Like they hate Francis.

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