Being as How It’s Around Graduation Time…

Being as How It’s Around Graduation Time… June 22, 2019

…being as how I enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens and really enjoyed his response to some white supremacist snowflake who could not cope with a depiction of Adam and Eve being black…

I thought it would be fun to hear his delightful address to the graduating class of 2012:

I’m hit and miss on his fiction. But I cannot help but like him. There’s a humility and a goodness there. And he’s very funny. He remarked once that he was invited to some soiree of Big Brains and he felt completely out of place. He wound up in the back of the room chatting with an elderly gentleman about the fact that they both had the same first name and they both felt out of place and outclassed by all the other guests. The old man said, “Look at all these amazing people! All I ever did was go where they sent me. I don’t belong here.”

Gaiman replied something along the lines of, “Well, Mr. Armstrong, I think being the first man to walk on the moon counts as a real achievement.”

Anyway, do listen to the address: A lovely thing to get the blood moving on a Saturday.

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