A Canadian reader is worried about some developments and has some questions

A Canadian reader is worried about some developments and has some questions September 25, 2019

They write:

Green burial laws might not respect bodies

With what is going on nowadays, my imagination is coming up with worrying scenarios. A year or two ago, a right-wing Canadian think-tank called the Fraser Institute came up with the report of a study about the savings for our health system that euthanasia might allow… They said that it was only a “theoretical” study, but I am not so sure…

It does not surprise me that the think tank is right wing.  As the Trump Cult here in the States makes clear, it is the malignant right that is showing a more than passing interest in rubbing out the lebensunwertes leben. It is only typical of them that they spent years lying about “death panels” in order to stop health care for poor people, projecting their own desire for the death of the weak on the culture war enemies.  It’s what they do.

Not that libs can’t back euthanasia too.  We’ve done it here in Washington and Oregon.  At present, it not compulsory, which is the difference for what the Right Wing Freak Show want to do to undesirables.

I can imagine a time when sick people will only be allowed a limited amount of time for getting better, and after that, as well as for old and/or terminally ill people, euthanasia will become mandatory.

So can I.  It will be driven by what the privileged call “economic necessity” but it will really be due to greed just as all the present cruelty is.

And then, those people’s remains can be turned into compost – to protect the environment! What can you say about all this? I am a little worried.

I don’t worry about green funerals per se, so long as the dignity of the body is respected.

But I also have a question, something I have been wondering for some time. It seems, from what I hear and sometimes see in the media, that a lot of – probably – non-Christian people are now finding it somewhat romantic to disperse the ashes of their friends or relatives in various places, such as in rivers, or throwing them from an aircraft, or even putting some into small lockets to wear as jewelry, etc. I am wondering what is going to happen at the resurrection? Of course, I know that God can do anything, but I cannot help having a few concerns…

Nothing can effect the resurrection of the body.  The overwhelming majority of people who ever lived, Christian or not, have completely disappeared, physically speaking.  People have died in fires.  Those who are buried vanish into the soil and nothing, not even their teeth, remains.  The Church has no issues with cremation, so long as it is not done for the specific purpose of denying the resurrection.  But that issue there is not that God cannot raise the cremated, but rather that the gesture harms the soul of the person denying the Resurrection.  God is God and can do anything, including raising the body of the dead person whose atoms have been scattered to the four winds.  On that score, you need have no worries at all.

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