The More You Know: Star Trek edition

The More You Know: Star Trek edition October 12, 2019

Something educational for a Saturday morning:

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It is, however, my painful duty to inform you that KIRK NEVER FALLS IN LOVE WITH a VULCAN.  AMERICAN EDUCATION IS A SHAMBLES.

Deacon Steve Greydanus had a Latin teacher at seminary who said Western Civilization ended on September 6, 1966 when James T. Kirk ruined all grammar by saying “To boldly go” instead “To go boldly.”

Fun fact: in Michael Flynn’s Spiral Arm Universe, one of the planets colonized by Terrans is named “Boldly Go”.

Also recommended: Redshirts.

And, just because I remain impressed by the way he created the character of Spock, here is Leonard Nimoy, late in life, talking about the process of creating that character, which you can watch unfold as the first season progresses.

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