Dragooning Pope St. John Paul II into an Antichrist Cult

Dragooning Pope St. John Paul II into an Antichrist Cult January 31, 2020

As the Christian Right metamorphoses into a Christian Nationalist cult of lies, they are proceeding to sell this blasphemous lie to the ethnonationalist weirdos and authoritarians here and abroad:

The thing is, they can only get away with it by ignoring and torturing the memory of Pope St. John Paul II, who explicitly denies and rejects the idea of Christian Nationalism:

“… Saint John Paul II draws a sharp distinction between justified patriotism (proper love of one’s patria or homeland) and unjustified nationalism, “which teaches contempt for other nations or cultures.”

‘True patriotism never seeks to advance the well-being of one’s own nation at the expense of others. For in the end this would harm one’s own nation as well: doing wrong damages both aggressor and victim.

‘Nationalism, particularly in its most radical forms, is thus the antithesis of true patriotism, and today we must ensure that extreme nationalism does not continue to give rise to new forms of the aberrations of totalitarianism.’ …”

And in Memory and Identity, he expands on that line of thinking fairly extensively.

Patriotism is to a country as healthy self-love is to a person.  Nationalism is to a country as the satanic sin of pride is to a person.  That Christians under the influence of seducers like Trump, Orban, and the organizers of evil conferences like this are falling for this garbage (even the once-sane First Things now spews this poison) is the surest proof yet that Jesus’ warning to the Church to fear seduction, not persecution, has been almost totally ignored by the power-drunk cult of the Greatest Catholics of All Time.

JPII is rolling in his grave at this disgusting perversion of his name.

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