The Fields are White for Harvest

The Fields are White for Harvest February 27, 2020

On March 6, godless, liberal, anti-Christian PBS, bent on the destruction of really truly true Christianity like all liberal media, is doing a big documentary on Servant of God Dorothy Day. It is notable how Martin Doblmeier, the guy who made the film, speaks of her:

The woman who co-founded The Catholic Worker newspaper and movement “was unflinching in her sense that this is my response to how God is calling me to behave,” he said. “We’re all called to do the same, and if we are, that’s why I’m scared. Have I done my share? Have I done my part?”

Yet this towering figure — whose cause for sainthood was opened in 2000 — was also a loving mother and grandmother. Doblmeier explores that side of her, too, in his new film, “Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story,” being released later this month. It’s the third in a four-part film series on seminal religious leaders of the last century.

Day, he said, “understood how to live an authentic life,” which he believes will strike a chord with viewers and renew interest in the contrary, complex woman whom Pope Francis called “a great American” during his 2015 speech to Congress. Doblmeier is bringing Day to a wider — and, he hopes, younger — audience at a time when the country needs her more than ever.

“We’re hungry for people who don’t live a duplicitous life,” he said. “She made huge sacrifices in her life for the principles she upheld. I think young people, now as in her own time, will be attracted to her.”

Note that last paragraph.

We live in a time when the non-Christian people the Greatest Catholics of All Time routinely declare to be enemies of the gospel keep crying out, not for the blood of Christians, but for Christians to be holy and good apostles of Christ.  Again and again what I see is not persecuting liberals coming for our coffee cups and viciously wishing us “Happy Holidays” in their mindless Diocletian wrath against Jesus Christ.  Rather, what I so often encounter is non-Christians who are deeply attracted to Jesus Christ and to saints like Day who really and truly lived out their faith with an integity that put him first at great personal cost. They want to see more, not less, of that. They are begging us to live what we say we believe.

And I see the Greatest Catholics of All Time attack such saints and call the people attracted to them liars and enemies and send them away under clouds of rejection, fear, and suspicion of evil motives.

There’s a reason this documentary exists. It’s not because Evil Liberals[TM] are trying to undermine truly true Christianity. It’s because Day, who was as committed to the gospel as anybody who ever lived, is an enormously attractive figure because of her integrity, love, and courage. She was not a perfect person (no saint is) but she was real, she was authentic, her life was one of integrity.  I see very little evidence that non-Catholics shun her or anybody else who lives the faith with integrity.  I see a ton of evidence that unbelievers are repelled and nauseated by Christians who use their faith to accessorize their selfishness and wrap the whole thing in gooey piety.  Be grateful that people see that integrity in people like Day and, through her, are drawn to her Lord.

The fields are white for harvest. Pray the Lord of the harvest send workers into the fields.

Here’s a taste of the documentary:

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