Almsgiving Monday: An Argument About the Old “What About Putting Vets, Not Refugees, First?” Lie

Almsgiving Monday: An Argument About the Old “What About Putting Vets, Not Refugees, First?” Lie March 16, 2020

Almsgiving is, above all, about seeing and taking practical steps to care for those who have nobody to look out for them.  Jesus Christ tells us that what we do to the least of these–good or evil–we do to him.  No sincere effort, even if it means giving only two copper coins, goes unseen by him.  But likewise, no insincere lie, calculated to harm the least of these in order to cling Mammon while hiding behind a mask of piety, is unseen by him either.

Over on the Book of Face, somebody posted a link to the story about Greg Abbott making Texas the first state to tell desperate refugees to go to hellAll the bishops in Texas are protesting this characteristically brutal move from a Catholic Trumpian Republican. But, of course, Good Catholic Trumpians don’t listen to what the Church says. They listen to FOX and Limbaugh. And they loooooove to gloat over the poor while blaming them for evils they are powerless to either inflict or alter so that they can defend the corrupt powers who do inflict those evils. So a reader responded with this sneer (his comments are indented):

too bad, so sad… about taking care of our veterans first? Does anyone care about our veterans?????

Pitting the vets Trump screws against the refugees Trump screws is garbage. Refugees don’t screw our vets. Trump does. Indeed, Trump deports vets and their families–and his Cult thinks it is awesome. Stop pitting victims against each other and getting distracted from the Cult screwing both.


Nothing I said was untrue. What you said was standard Cult BS designed to turn anger away from the Cult Leader who is deporting veterans and to turn it on helpless people fleeing death. You guys and your Cult have a small cluster of lies you tell over and over again in your hatred of the gospel and of the least of these. And when you get called on it, you start screaming because you have nothing but lies, like your Cult Leader.

more bullshit

I know it’s tough when you have nothing but lies and the lies don’t work any more. You just don’t know *what* to say, do you? So frustrating. #MAGAsnowflakes

what lies…just the ones you tell?

..saw many if your other posts…sad that you are so negative…I hope you have a good life but leave me out if it as you are not beneficial to my health…thx

Yes. The Pee Wee Herman reply is the other tool in your barren intellectual toolkit:

yes, Einstein…nice try…you are totally bereft of any ability to see the other side…enjoy your one sided life and make sure you stay totally committed to your beliefs…never be open minded considering other people and their thoughts…you are the worst kind who divides the country…have at it and have a great life but leave me out of it

You don’t know what my beliefs are beyond the fact that I think it is evil to pit the plight of vets against the plight of refugees in order to gloat over refugees (“too bad, so sad”) while cheering for a racist Mob Boss who deports vets whose shoes he is not worthy to lick clean.

So, to be clear, you are fine with Trump deporting vets and their families? (This is the part where you tell me “Obama did it too!” because you think I’m only interested in opposing Trump and you don’t get that I’m interested in the teaching of the gospel and hated Obama’s deportation of vets as much as Trump’s.)

Now, that out of the way, do you support Trump’s (and Obama’s) deportation of vets and their families?

lies, lies , lies !

You don’t believe vets are being deported? They are. Shouting like a two year old with your fingers in your ears is not helpful.

I really enjoy that you need to write a term paper with each response…you are so easy to annoy…please have a good life and go attack some other Trump supporter…the good news is that you will have 4 plus years to be annoyed…you are an intelligent but one-sided leftist who criticizes Trump but we all know what life is like in the state of Washington….good luck

So you’re good with deporting vets if you think it will make your culture war enemies cry. It’s just about spite for you, no matter who gets hurt.

Thanks for making clear that veterans are just human shields for what you really care about: cruelty to refugees.

go to hell…no I am not good with it but I do not believe it….so go to hell and leave me alone

bullshit…you are really good at twisting….good night and go play with yourself

You think the Military Times is some sort of plot? “You’re not good with it” (in other words you know it’s true) but you choose to live in a lie (like your Cult Leader) rather than face the reality of what you are supporting. You guys are the real snowflakes. You’ll let him do anything because you lack the courage to face reality.

Be a man and stand up for deported vets.

This Democrat who gave two legs for her country stands taller than all the fake “patriotic” MAGA traitors to deported vets in the entire country.

good night…..

I hope in the morning your conscience will get the better of you and you will write to demand this draft-dodging coward who mocks POWs and spits on Gold Star families will stop deporting veterans. Do what the living God Christ Jesus commands, not what this moral monster demands.

speaking of conscience…go look in yhe mirror

Yeah, that whole Pee Wee tu quoque things would have some teeth if you knew anything at all about me other than that I oppose deporting veterans and your cynical use of them to bash refugees.

Be a man. Oppose your god-king’s deportation of veterans.

This is the part where you say, “Oh yeah! Well, abortion!” and I point out that I oppose abortion. Then I tell you that it is even more disgusting to use the unborn as human shields for your contempt for refugees than it is to use vets you will not defend from deportation out of fear of offending your god king.

Seriously, dude: repent.  You use of vets and the unborn as human shields for your contempt for refugees is ugly.

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