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Support my work on Patreon! April 25, 2020

Just a reminder: I lost my main source of income due to COVID. If you like what I am doing and want to help make sure that I keep doing it while feeding my family and not living in our car, please consider becoming a Patron on Patreon! Currently, I am finishing up one book (THE CHURCH’S BEST-KEPT SECRET, out this fall from New City Press), and working on two more (one on the creed and the other a crazy occult thriller set in the early days of World War II). Also, blogging and podcasting more storytimes and interesting interviews are in the offing. Thanks so much for your support!

Mark!  What are these “storytimes” you speak of?

I’m glad you asked, gentle reader!

I’ve been reading The Princess and the Goblin for the amusement of my grandchildren (and any other lovers of George MacDonald out there). There’s 18 chapters posted so far. Just search for “Grampa Mark Shea” on Youtube and you’ll find the rest.

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