God Created Sex

God Created Sex July 5, 2018

Let’s talk about sex. In the second chapter of Genesis, God created the institution of marriage in a paradise called Eden, which in the original language means “pleasure and delights.”

He designed married to be an intimate union between a man and a woman—one fueled by sexual pleasure and delight. Sex is God’s creation. We need to remember that He wants us to enjoy it to the fullest within the parameters of marriage.

We should also remember that all the scriptural prohibitions against sexual sin and perversions are not given by God out of legalism, but out of love. He’s not trying to prevent us from having fun or being fulfilled, but to keep us from destruction.

That destruction is visible throughout our sexually permissive society. You see the devastating effects of sexual sin amid the adultery, pornography, sexually transmitted diseases, broken relationships, broken hearts, and broken dreams that are rampant in our culture.

God’s moral commandments aren’t given to spoil our sexual pleasure, but are safeguards to ensure that our sexual fun and fulfillment can last for a lifetime in a secure and growing relationship.

You may have heard people outside the Church accuse God or religious people of being anti-sex. But that’s not true at all, because God created sex! He is the One who made it so exciting. He designed it to be pleasurable!

This is a very important truth to understand and accept. Why? Because if we don’t get it, we’re in danger of believing that we must visit the realm of sin to truly experience sexual pleasure and fulfillment. This is a very common and sad deception—and there are even many Christians who believe it.

As a marriage counselor for many years, I can’t count the number of couples who have ended up devastated or divorced because one (or both) of them crossed a line sexually. In many cases, it started with the wrong belief that God’s sexual parameters are unfair and that sexual sin would enhance their lives without negative consequences.

Here’s the truth: sex in marriage is wonderful. God wants us to enjoy it to its fullest. His desire for our bodies is that we are blessed and fulfilled, and this includes physical pleasure and sex. God isn’t so cruel that He would give us a desire and then frustrate it.

Marriage was the first institution God created, placing a beautifully naked Adam and Eve in a paradise of pleasure. They were created to enjoy sex within an intimate marital relationship.

Sin ruined Eden—not God. Sin caused Adam and Eve to fall from God’s perfect plan. And today, the same deception still causes people to forfeit the beauty and pleasure of sexual fulfillment in marriage.

Don’t let that deception into your relationship with your spouse. God loves you. He wants you to have a sexually exciting and fulfilling life. But He wants that fulfillment to take place according to His design: within a committed marriage.

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