At MarriageToday we know God has a plan.

He wants families to enjoy the emotional security and fulfillment that strong marriages bring. That’s why He has called our ministry to establish, strengthen, save and restore family and marriage relationships through a Biblical message of healing, restoration, hope, and encouragement.



There is a fierce battle being fought for marriage in America right now, but we can win it. We want to raise the standard. We want to give people help and hope to succeed in marriage.

  1. REACH THE MASSES and educate them about marriage according to a biblical design
  2. RESOURCE THE CHURCHES and equip them to teach and minister on marriage
  3. REVERSE THE CRISES being created to high-risk and high-impact groups



Since 1994, MarriageToday has used every medium at its disposal to strengthen families and marriages through its diverse ministry outreaches. Every day across North America and around the world, MarriageToday provides help and hope through:

  • TELEVISION Every day you help us reach 110 million homes in the US and 680 million households in nearly every country around the world.
  • RESOURCES Over 100 unique resources including books, audio, video, small group curriculum and digital apps.
  • EVENTS A Global Simulcast and multiple conferences each year impacting more than 50,000 couples and over 500 churches in multiple countries.
  • WEB Every month we have over 125,000 visitors to our website as well as over 1,100,000 combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • TRAINING Brand new training facility in our Southlake headquarters allows us to teach and certify couples



Jimmy and Karen Evans have encouraged and coached countless couples in building rewarding marriages and healthy homes.

Jimmy and Karen bring more than 25 years of experience equipping and teaching couples, fulfilling MarriageToday’s mission to restore the dream of marriage in America. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is hopeless. The first few years of their own marriage were tumultuous and almost ended in divorce. Only by applying the principles that they now teach were they able to save their relationship. Today, after 40 years together, they understand that no matter how bleak a marriage may appear, every couple has a 100% change of success in marriage. In fact, it can thrive!

Jimmy and Karen divide their time between Amarillo, Texas, where Jimmy serves as Head Elder of Trinity Fellowship, and Dallas, the location of MarriageToday’s headquarters. He and Karen have two grown children and five grandchildren.