The Importance of Good Communication

The Importance of Good Communication October 31, 2018

Here’s a simple truth to live by: Happy, successful families talk. They communicate and work through their problems.

On the other hand, dysfunctional families don’t talk, or won’t talk, or talk in the wrong way.

One of the most important factors determining the health of a marriage and the health of a family is good communication—a family’s ability to resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

Good communication builds intimacy. Close bonds simply can’t be developed without healthy communication. One of the primary factors of falling in love and growing deeper and closer in a relationships is the positive exchange of words.

Words connect hearts and minds together. If the words between us get poisoned, however—or if the lines of communication between us get damaged—it can disrupt our marriages and hurt our families.

Our enemy wants nothing more than to take loving, intimate relationships and turn them into wastelands of hurt and confusion.

Good communication is one of our deepest needs. In many of my books and seminars, I’ve discussed the four major needs of men and women. One of a woman’s most profound needs is the need for open and honest communication.

It is essential for a husband to meet that need in his wife in order for them to have a close relationship and a properly functioning marriage.

As for men, communication doesn’t necessarily rank among their top four needs. But it’s tremendously important in their lives.

I used to think I didn’t need communication, except on a superficial level. But God convicted me about how I needed to meet Karen’s need in this area. I opened up to her and we began talking—deeply, honestly, intimately.

To my surprise, I began to enjoy and desire this communication just as much as she did! It took our marriage to a deeper, more personal level than it had ever been. Today our relationship is richer, for both of us, due to our commitment to communicate on a regular basis.

Good communication is also a profound need in our children’s lives. Children need their parents to talk to them. They need positive words flowing into their lives. They need their parents to answer their questions and share openly with them. Kids need to be affirmed, trained, and informed on a daily basis.

Healthy communication between parents and children creates a powerful bond between them. It allows the parents to communicate values, direction, and discipline in a healthy way. When this communication is unhealthy or lacking, children suffer.

Are you communicating positively and often with your spouse? How about with your children?

A successful family is a family that talks it out. In your family this week, open wide the doors of honest communication and see what results!

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