Whitewashed Tombs

Whitewashed Tombs January 27, 2013

As expected, the pro-“choice” movement continues to keep it classy and not creepy at all with the 40th anniversary Roe vs. Wade commercial. You can only whitewash tombs so many times before the paint peels and everyone will see you for what you are.

I feel great compassion and sorrow for women who have had abortions. I feel sorry for people who think they are doing the right thing by supporting the pro “choice” movement without having actually watched a real abortion, they don’t know what they are supporting and are blinded by ignorance in their good intentions. My heart aches for the millions of babies murdered. I grieve for the fathers of dead children they were responsible for protecting (whether they wanted them or not). We must keep fighting for them all. We must pray for strength to bring light to this darkest of deceptions.

I don’t care where you decide to have your baby or how, I don’t care whether you eat meat or not, I don’t care if you co-sleep or not, but I cannot apologize for caring about and speaking out against abortion. I am angry. Every maternal muscle in my body wants to protect the sanctity of life (for everyone, not just women, but for women, for men, for children, too). I am a mother. I felt my children in my belly. I heard their heartbeats before they were born. Would you really expect anything less from me?

I am disgusted by the advocates of ripping apart and scalding babies. For advocates who refuse to actually tell women what an abortion really is….I am both comforted and terrified knowing that there is no vengeance like God’s. My anger doesn’t touch it. My anger isn’t enough. God have mercy on us all and bring us to our knees in repentance.

At the same time, I rejoice in God’s grace for giving me my four children. Giving me wisdom I did not earn. For saving me from my own foolishness and sins. But for His grace, I too, could be bearing the weight of murdering my own flesh and blood. The good news is that even for the most heinous murderer, there is still hope. Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and you can be free of guilt and shame. You will be able to quit whitewashing your ugliness because you can become truly clean. Freedom is right in front of you.

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