If we demand that congress defund Planned Parenthood (as we should), we cannot expect God to hear our prayers and give us success in this if we do not simultaneously with all of the same vigor and disgust defund fatherlessness in every form in our land. How can you demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded [Read More...]


Image courtesy of Gratisography

I’ve been pretty frustrated lately. This sort of thing happens to me periodically which I think is to be expected. Life is messy, you know? When I get frustrated, I try to deal with it through prayer, patience and staying the heck off social media. But, I’m doing better now. After giving myself some time; [Read More...]

Little Things

I’ve been resting and it has felt so very good. A couple months ago, we purchased a small home and I am still unpacking. Books mostly. When a liberal arts major and a bookworm marry, the result is several wonderfully geeky children and a house filled to the brim with books. We have thousands despite [Read More...]

Worth Reading: Encouragement for the Wife and Mom

Worth Reading: Encouragement for Wives and Mommies | Mere Breath

I got the stomach bug my kids had last week. Blech. I really hate vomit. However, being sick has given me plenty of time to read as I’m held up here on my sofa. I stumbled upon several encouraging posts written by my sisters in Christ for all us wives and mommies. If you are [Read More...]

Reflections for July 8.15

I am playing catch up on my Chronological bible reading plan. I usually listen on my phone through my earbuds while I work around the house, but the jack on my phone broke so I am trying to create new habits. Anyhow, so I was reading 2 Chronicles today and a definite pattern emerged. Ecclesiastes [Read More...]

Psalm 73

No doubt about it! God is good—     good to good people, good to the good-hearted. But I nearly missed it,     missed seeing his goodness. I was looking the other way,     looking up to the people At the top,     envying the wicked who have it made, Who have nothing to worry about,     not a care in [Read More...]

Look: Part Three in a Series on Modesty

Look: Part Three in a Series on Modesty | Mere Breath

Over the years, as I have read and listened, and processed commentaries on modesty, something, in particular, has stood out. When advocates of modesty talk about immodest women, they almost uniformly fail to grasp the tragic reality behind the surface problem. I read one woman who went so far as to pontificate about what the [Read More...]


My husband, Ben, driving past canola fields.

  Last weekend, we packed up our family and went to visit my hometown. As we drove the seven hours from Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho, my stomach churned inside me. Outside my window, the landscape transformed from a lush oasis to a dry, desert land, and I couldn’t help but notice that my insides [Read More...]

Love Wins

Love Wins | Mere Breath

God created marriage. He created marriage to be between a man and a woman. Not man and man, not woman and woman. What men and women decide is legal or not has no bearing on God and His laws. You can’t change what constitutes marriage any more then you can change what time the sun [Read More...]

The Fear In Our Faith

The Fear In Our Faith | Mere Breath

With the advent of the Internet, the sheer volume of information available stretches far beyond what we could possibly have time to process in one lifetime. Less than twenty years ago, our knowledge was limited to what our social circles knew through personal experience or through selective news outlets.  Today, we have the whole wide [Read More...]