Look: Part Three in a Series on Modesty

Look: Part Three in a Series on Modesty | Mere Breath

Over the years, as I have read and listened, and processed commentaries on modesty, something, in particular, has stood out. When advocates of modesty talk about immodest women, they almost uniformly fail to grasp the tragic reality behind the surface problem. I read one woman who went so far as to pontificate about what the [Read More...]


My husband, Ben, driving past canola fields.

  Last weekend, we packed up our family and went to visit my hometown. As we drove the seven hours from Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho, my stomach churned inside me. Outside my window, the landscape transformed from a lush oasis to a dry, desert land, and I couldn’t help but notice that my insides [Read More...]

Love Wins

Love Wins | Mere Breath

God created marriage. He created marriage to be between a man and a woman. Not man and man, not woman and woman. What men and women decide is legal or not has no bearing on God and His laws. You can’t change what constitutes marriage any more then you can change what time the sun [Read More...]

The Fear In Our Faith

The Fear In Our Faith | Mere Breath

With the advent of the Internet, the sheer volume of information available stretches far beyond what we could possibly have time to process in one lifetime. Less than twenty years ago, our knowledge was limited to what our social circles knew through personal experience or through selective news outlets.  Today, we have the whole wide [Read More...]

Weak and Unashamed

Weak and Unashamed | Mere Breath

I can’t think clearly today. My whole body is sore. My head hurts. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through today without fainting. I have so much I need to be doing right now, but it is taking everything I’ve got just to stay upright and awake. Tests came back indicating anemia — [Read More...]

Jesus’ Eyes: Part Two in a Series on Modesty

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Lust: a cornerstone in the modesty debate. One the one hand, we have the conservative group who emphasize the responsibility of women not to tempt men. I disagree with this emphasis because this type of thinking often leads to harsh legalism. However, their concern is not unfounded; the truth is that most men are most [Read More...]

My Best Instead

Hallelujah | Mere Breath

There’s no point in lying, life hasn’t been easy lately. My husband is working a lot with the ambulance company and taking classes online in pursuit of a master’s degree. We are still unpacking, painting and organizing our new house. Our kids (deep breath), oh our kids. The girls are actually doing great. They are [Read More...]

Skin: Part One in a Series on Modesty

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Summer is here, and the temperatures are heating up. As the days are getting longer, the shorts are getting shorter. I can only imagine how nervous this makes mothers. My boys are young right now (only 3 and 4), but I’ve watched your sons cover their eyes or look away when a scantily clad woman [Read More...]

To My Christian Brothers and Sisters Regarding Rachel Dozeal

To My Christian Brothers and Sisters Regarding Rachel Dozeal

As someone who struggles with mental illness, it sounds to me as though this woman is not well in the head. She sounds like a woman who is really sick and needs help. She sounds like a woman who could benefit from knowing that she is worthy of love and honor just the way she [Read More...]

Three Ingredients to the Best Sex Ever

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Arguably, this is one of my most favorite subjects. If you’re wondering what a 31-year-old, Christian, mother to four, could possibly know about sex, stick around… I grew up in a sexually silent home. I was never really given “the talk” apart from how it related to my monthly cycle. As an adult, watching all [Read More...]