November 28, 2015

Right now I’m asking myself why I am typing these words. I don’t feel inspired. I don’t think I have anything worth saying right now.  Jude (age 5), is balancing on the arm of an old chair, peering over the printer in our office/homeschool room trying to see what is on my computer screen. His grin is mischievous when he spies my phone and asks me to take a picture of his feet. We are biding our time until bed. I’m… Read more

October 26, 2015

On Saturday night, we returned home from a road trip at 1 AM. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find my medication lock box. Since it was so late, and we’d be getting up in a couple hours for church anyway, I decided just to go to bed. On Sunday morning, I woke up already in full withdrawal from one particularly potent prescription (Venlafaxine). We found my lockbox and I took my prescription, but it took the whole day of chills,… Read more

October 15, 2015

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl who were very much in love got married. In the months that followed, the newlyweds lived off their love for one another. They made love multiple times a day, they didn’t see the point in clothes when they were home alone and could rarely be coaxed beyond the confines of their tiny love nest. Fast forward a decade: the couple made four wonderful kids.  He is a medical student who works… Read more

October 14, 2015

My daughter, Ophelia, is nine years old. She is slipping out of childhood and into young adulthood. We already have frequent conversations about clothes, life goals, and appropriate relationships with boys. Recently, the question of female friendships arose. She, being very tender-hearted, was feeling guilty about making new friends when she has so many wonderful friends in the city we moved from a couple years ago. Her question was this: “If I already have a BFF, wouldn’t it be unkind… Read more

October 11, 2015

A few more signs: #PPProtest #DefundPlannedParenthood — Daniel Foucachon (@foucachon) October 10, 2015 I’m near the beginning of the clip. My boys, Jude (age 4) and Liam (age 3), stood with me and hundreds of other pro-life supporters and their children. The support we received was heartfelt and infrequent. More often, our signs, smiles, songs and waves were met with cursing and middle fingers. As Jude helped hold our sign (“Choose Love, Choose Life”) I encouraged him to wave… Read more

September 25, 2015

I’m sitting down with a quad shot Cubano that I made with a fifteen dollar espresso machine. It has been years since I pulled my own shots. When I was 15-years-old, I landed my first real job at a coffee shop as a barista. At that time, the minimum wage was just over three dollars an hour, but the work was incredibly relaxing. The smells, the sounds, and the art involved with making a really good cup of coffee was… Read more

September 5, 2015

It is raining outside, something the Northwest desperately needs right now. These are my favorite kind of days. The rain patters on the skylight above my kitchen. My girls are spending the weekend with Mimi and Poppi (Ben’s parents), so it is just me and the guys. Ben spent the afternoon sleeping after working a twelve hour night shift on the ambulance. His heroism is just another day at the office.  I’ve been enjoying domesticity again after several weeks, a… Read more

August 31, 2015

Over the last month or so, I’ve felt debilitatingly sad and overwhelmed. A feeling that was reinforced every time I learned more about Planned Parenthood, saw the orange, hazy smoke outside my window from the fires and every time I visited with my dear (incarcerated) sister online. She should not be locked up and the way Idaho prison systems work is truly wicked.  My sister has only had one visitor since being arrested several months ago. A lady pastor she didn’t… Read more

August 26, 2015

I don’t know how to start into this and I’m not sure if what I am experiencing will bless anyone. God works in mysterious ways. We’ve been really busy. All four of the kids are back in school for the year. They absolutely love it. My boys anxiously await the three days a week they go to preschool and my girls adore their wonderful tutor. I’m slowing bringing order and routine back to our house and that feels good. I… Read more

August 20, 2015

Recently, I watched the videos that The Center for Medical Progress released exposing hard evidence of Planned Parenthood’s questionable ethics and their clear violation of federal law. As a 31-year-old mom to four young children, I cried. The videos were undeniably difficult to view but necessary. This is going on in our cities and towns. When we refuse to watch these disturbing videos, we are playing the part of an ostrich, burying our heads deep in the sand avoiding what is going… Read more

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