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Watch, Sign & Share August 20, 2015

Watch, Sign & Share | Mere BreathRecently, I watched the videos that The Center for Medical Progress released exposing hard evidence of Planned Parenthood’s questionable ethics and their clear violation of federal law. As a 31-year-old mom to four young children, I cried. The videos were undeniably difficult to view but necessary. This is going on in our cities and towns. When we refuse to watch these disturbing videos, we are playing the part of an ostrich, burying our heads deep in the sand avoiding what is going on around us.  If you haven’t watched the videos yet, I have to ask, what are you afraid of? 

As of yet, no one in the White House has officially taken responsibility to watch these videos. It is embarrassing and humbling to see such cowardice from our leaders. Currently, there is a petition to get those men and women to simply sit down and view what I (and millions of others) have already seen: Not a partisan political advertisement, but video evidence of gross lawlessness and cruelty permeating a company that receives hundreds of millions of tax dollars each year. There is no excuse for the White House to not even be sure if the President or a member of his staff has seen these videos.

I am pleading with you, as a responsible and engaged adult, to watch the videos if you haven’t already, and then sign and share the petition.

Here are the first three episodes from The Center for Medical Progress.
If you would like to see the unedited videos, you may do so on their YouTube channel.


And here is the petition:Watch the Videos PETITION| Mere Breath Please sign and share it.

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