Blessed with Work

Work is a blessing to me right now. Being employed outside the home forces me to put my housework aside temporarily. It requires me to interact with others, gives me a new outlet for my anxious energy and creativity. Working gets me dressed, fed and out of the house. It is good. I’m working mostly [Read More…]

Being Glad

Today, I am thankful for cold medicine to bring some relief to my kids’ colds. I’m thankful for a bathroom that works and is pretty, for an awesome washer and dryer for laundry. For leftover chicken parmesan made by a friend. I’m thankful for getting past the worst of my ear ache, for my husband [Read More…]


The kids started school on Monday. It feels strange; having these afternoons to myself. There is so much on my To Do list but I feel too tired to do any of it. I want to get out of the house. I want to work again. It has been almost 11 years since I was [Read More…]

Political Reality Check from My Friend’s Twitter Feed — Valerie Kyriosity (@KyriosityTweets) September 12, 2016   This political season kinda reminds me of lent. I don’t know about you, but I’m doing a write in and knowing full well that either of our current candidates are still evidence of God’s grace and mercy toward America. Please note that the subject she is quoting [Read More…]


I’m alive. Really. I am. The last month has been a veritable circus. We actually went to our county fair for some family fun, which I think was an amusing metaphor. Chaos isn’t always bad. August was a rough month, good and bad stuff. Medication changes are a rollercoaster I hate to ride, but I’m [Read More…]

Rest and Be Thankful

52. Rainy Sundays. 53. Cereal that my kids like. 54. Mimi’s who invite grandkids over for the weekend. 55. For Leapfrog TV consoles. 56. For clearance deals ($30!) 57. Microwaves and yummy lean cuisine snacks. 58. Hot running water. 59. Comfy couches and quilts. 60. Time to rest when it is ok to be sleepy. [Read More…]

Worth It: Reflections on Twelve Years of Marriage

July 17th was Ben and my twelfth wedding anniversary. 14ish years together. I used to wonder if we’d make it. We will. Those couple of years that are supposed to have been the hardest: One year, three years, years seven to ten.   Check, check, check. You and I have heard this before but it [Read More…]

High Functioning Dysfunction

This Mighty article by Amanda Leventhal popped up on my facebook feed today: This is basically my story, too. I vividly remember crying to myself that “I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.” even before I was 13. I carved those words into the bookshelf above my bed to help me stay grounded. [Read More…]

Psalm 33:1

31. Construction going quickly and smoothly on our home. 32. Sunshine. 33. The courage to take all four of my kids to a restaurant all by myself for lunch. 34. For the kids relatively good behavior. 35. For restaurants where you know the owner who is exceptionally cheerful and kind. 36. Chalkboard walls for kids, [Read More…]

Reflections on Therapy Monday

Someone I respect very much said that when you listen to a sermon, the people who hear it are the people who probably don’t need to work on that particular subject, it is the people who don’t hear, or who hope that someone else hears it — those are the people who should be listening [Read More…]