Wisdom: Eve vs Solomon

Wisdom: Eve vs Solomon October 25, 2013

“…those of us who have somehow found our way out here to this place and now, not knowing exactly whether we are coming or going, are ready to offer a thousand sacrifices for help — if need be, maybe even a living sacrifice of service? — those of us should pray. Pray, not that we and our church be given a long life, nor that we and this place become rich in books and building and prestige, nor even — remember Adam’s wife — that we become speculatively wise, able to know the difference between good and evil. But pray, rather, that God give us discerning hearts so that, together we may understand what breaks down and what builds up God’s kingdom on earth, here and now.” 

-Calvin Seerveld on 1 Kings 3:3-14 in Take Hold of God and Pull

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