Salvation by Yoga

Salvation by Yoga December 17, 2013

Your life, your Facebook, your bank account are all proclaiming a gospel all day long. Which gospel is it proclaiming? Is it the gospel of Jesus, the gospel of His grace? Is it built on the certainty of God’s Word, a Word that cannot be broken? Is your hope built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness? Or is it a gospel of nutritional fads and salvation by diet and the weirdest homeopathic methods you can find on the internet? What makes your heart sing? What gives you joy? What do you go back to again and again? That is your god, that is the gospel you are clinging to. But Jesus will not let you down, and He is risen with healing in His wings.

Excerpt from a wonderful exhortation from our pastor today, Free Range, Gluten Free Yoga vs. Jesus at Having Two Legs

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