Check January 13, 2014

“(To do) lists can actually become a window to our soul and reveal our take on faith. If it’s nothing more than a simple organizational tool, then that’s great, but if it brings anxiety, condemnation, or restlessness, then it has become an idol.”

-from Your Worth Is Not In Your To-Do List via The Resurgence

I love the encouraging truth in this post!! 18 months ago I would wake up at night and not be able to go back to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking (and being anxious) about things I needed to get done. I’d get up at 2AM and do the dishes and fold laundry. Part of my problem was chemical (imbalance), but part of it was that I was not founding my worth in Christ and because of that, I was never able to find peace and rest because my To Do list was (and is never) completely done. I still have trouble sometimes with anxiousness, but by the grace of God, it has more to do with my health and less with my worth. I am working at cultivating the habit of reminding myself of the truth whenever I struggle with unrest and anxiety.

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