Gifted January 21, 2014

Have you ever heard of the “gift of criticism”?  You have friends who swear up and down that they are specially gifted with eyes to see areas in a person, organization, strategy or idea that could improve.  They are always pointing out problems, mistakes, errors and sins.  Maybe you are that person.  You have discovered the best way to approach a topic or a situation and if someone doesn’t do it that very same way, you’re actually a little ticked.  Maybe you notice very quickly when your husband could have a better attitude towards the kids, or work a little harder, or watch TV a little less or smell a little better or send flowers more often.  And maybe you’re very verbal about it.  But hey, it’s a gift to be able to clearly see those areas in a person that need to change, right?

There is help for those of us blessed with this particular Gift over at Warrior Wives in Elizabeth’s post, The “Gift” of Criticism.

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