Distracting Idols

Distracting Idols March 10, 2014

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of organic eating, education choices for your children, or how or where you have your babies, or even how many babies you have, but of righteousness, peace and joy…

I sat around tables and heard women sharing their horror stories about birth — discouraging one another. And I felt the Holy Spirit just ringing inside me saying, ‘No. Tell them what I did. Tell them what I can do. Tell them what I’m doing.’ But I couldn’t because I was scared. This comparison trap — this thing — oh man, this distracts us from (our) mission (love God and love your neighbor). Doesn’t it, ladies?”

 –Angie Tolpin paraphrasing Romans 14:17 in her lecture on Cultivating Unity Among Women.
 Such freeing truth to hear in this!
 I feel the same way when I hear people using scary stories (sometimes slanderous) as ammunition in an unholy war on birthing methods. This is idolatry. We are taking God-given liberties and making our unity with the body as blood offering to it. We need to repent of this sin and strive to love God and love our neighbors.


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