Lenten Reflection from Fujimura

Lenten Reflection from Fujimura March 22, 2014


“In John 12, it is written that “Lazarus was one of those reclining with him at table.”  A post-resurrection reality is one of relaxed confidence.  The religious authorities wanted to arrest Lazarus; Lazarus could care less about that threat – remember he was dead, and now is alive.

We, too, can be just as confident; spiritually, we have today everything that Lazarus had after his temporary resurrection – the knowledge of the power of our Savior and friend.  We have even a deeper knowledge, of the true and lasting resurrection of Christ to push beyond our fears. We need to let the active, analytical Martha lead the way for the contemplative Mary, toward a deeper unfolding of the Gospel for all of us, toward the confidence of Lazarus.  In order to do that, we need to lay down our weapons based on fear.  Weapons of culture war will only lead to a Darwinian victory, if that.  Instead, let us become nurturers of lasting beauty, tending to our culture with care, and with tears.

Culture is not a territory to be won; it is instead a resource we are called to steward. ”


-Excerpt from Tears for Fragile Emanations 


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