Other Side of Contentment

Other Side of Contentment April 14, 2014

Most of us have been taught from childhood not to compare because it breeds discontentment (jealousy, covetousness). Once we reach a point where we are completely content with what we have and rightfully rejoice and thank God, we need to be mindful not to slip into prideful comparison. That is when we compare what we have been given to what others have not. This can manifest in pretty much any aspect of life. Commonly for women in my position, I see it manifest in ungracious ideas about modesty and beauty, getting vaccinations/declining vaccinations, having a baby at the hospital or at home, food politics, homeschooling or going to school, and how much (if any) tv you let your kids watch and what shows. Sin is always present when discussions about any given topic results in heated or unkind words and the reason we know that is because all belongs to the Lord. People don’t often take personally that which is not personal. Remember that righteous anger doesn’t demand a blood sacrifice because the blood sacrifice has already been given. We should consider everything and make sure we are seeing it in the way God wants us to as best we can. That includes welcoming other perspectives to consider and “sieve” through God’s Word, but our ideas outside scripture should be held loosely — God’s ways are not our own.

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