Sex, Drugs, Ink and Purity

Sex, Drugs, Ink and Purity June 9, 2014

Purity is not what you do or have done. It was not lost with how you used to spend your nights. It is neither earned nor undone by your choices. Purity is the cloak Jesus earned for you on that darkest of days centuries ago on a wooden cross. Purity is a gift. It never expires or loses its value. It doesn’t not apply to certain people or circumstances, and it isn’t used up or given away. You are redeemed and always will be. Your standing before the throne of a just and holy God is not threatened by your past, your future, or by those who judge you. If you cling to the cross, you are, simply put, pure. And – don’t miss this truth – you are not less pure than a woman who has never had sex, gotten drunk, smoked cigarettes, did drugs, or gotten tats.

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