Help for the Hopeless

Help for the Hopeless August 12, 2014

As one who has dealt with severe depression for 17 years (to the point of attempted suicides) and emerged hopeful with joy and peace, allow me to encourage the hearts of those who are struggling with hopelessness today: Your pain is real. You aren’t going crazy, you aren’t a failure or a weakling and you aren’t alone. For most, simply choosing joy or forcing blind faith in someone you don’t trust is not the answer, but there is help. Please message me on facebook. I would be blessed to pray for you and help in any way I can. 

For those who have no understanding of depression, please heed this word of caution,

“We dare not speculate too much about what we cannot see and cannot know about another’s story. We must rest in the trust that the Judge of all the earth will do what is just (Genesis 18:25).”


Please check out this post from John Piper’s Website: Help for Those Fighting or Grieving a Suicide 

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