Alternative Reality

Alternative Reality December 10, 2014

Allowing fantasy to overcome reality is an assault on God and the world He made. The type fantasy we are speaking of* applies not only to our thought lives, to sex, to daydreaming about the perfect guy, perfect children or the perfect Facebook feed, but also to how we approach what we put on our tables, what we put into our mouths, where we spend our money and who we turn to when we are in need.

There is truth and lies, there is right and wrong, there is sin and there is salvation. We must strive to see everything and everyone through God’s eyes using Scripture and His Holy Spirit as a guide if we don’t want to live in falsehood.

Do not despair, but repent, make things right with those you sinned against and ask God to help you change. Truth that liberates and encourages, truth that enables you to rejoice freely and frequently are here. This is the Christian life — Jump on in! The water feels fine!

*not fiction for sake of art or entertainment

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  • CIC

    “There is truth and lies, there is right and wrong”
    So true, and so sadly denied by so many these days. Thanks for the post.

  • I agree friend