New Changes in 2015

New Changes in 2015 December 31, 2014

I went all in for 2014. God answered my prayers and blessed my resolution. Life looks completely different then it did this time last year and it is good. There were 12 BIG prayer requests that were answered in BIG ways in 2014 and Christ continues to gently lead me as we work through my physical, mental and emotional challenges day by day. My husband and kids report that they like this new me more than the me I have been in the past for which I am praising God’s glorious name.  It is my prayer that He faithfully continues to turn my life upside down in the coming year and provides me with the energy and desire to continue with this good work. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. I’m adding on one more personal resolution, and I’d love your help in keeping me accountable. In 2015 I want to train myself to obey Philippians 2:14,

“Do everything without complaining and arguing.”

It is a tall order and I definitely took several deep breaths before deciding on going with this verse. I know it is an invitation for all kinds of craziness (especially since I know I’ll be potty training at least one of my sons this year), but I also think learning to apply this verse would dramatically increase the quality of life for those around me. Can you imagine what a great testament to God’s grace and strength that would be?  I know I’ll never be a perfect reflection of Christ on this side of Glory, but I still want to try for it! Say a prayer and wish me luck, and if you catch me complaining or bickering, call me out (nicely, would be preferable, but ya know…).

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