Book Review: Reforming Social Media {and a GIVEAWAY!}

Book Review: Reforming Social Media {and a GIVEAWAY!} January 13, 2015

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with social media, especially Facebook.  The bad news is that if you want to change how social media impacts you (and you impact others), you must put some time and effort into it. The truth is, as a Christian, you are either being led away from social media (aka deleting your account) or called to use social media as a means of glorify God — there are no other appropriate middle grounds.

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

The good news is that you aren’t alone! Mandy J Hoffman’s book, #Reforming Social Media, can help you decide which course would be best for you to take, and in the event you choose to stay engaged on social media, offers tips, tricks and insights on how to do so in a way that will edify you, others and honor Christ.


Chapter Overview of Reforming Social Media

  • Chapter 1 covers why Hoffman is passionate about social media and how she was introduced to it.
  • Chapter 2 is a call for the readers examine how and why they interact on social media by using ten different stereotypes: The Phobic, The Traditionalist, The Spy, The Busybody, The Politician, The Venter, The Self-Promoter, The Salesman, The Comedian, and The Preacher. I was able to find a little bit of myself in several of the categories and was convicted through the Holy Spirit and the presented arguments that I needed to fundamentally change who I was online.
  • Chapter 3 discusses the importance of social media and begs the question, “Should I use social media or should I not use social media?” (loc 294/1787)
  • Chapter 4 is especially helpful for any internet newbies as she defines common social media terms and platforms there including Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  • Chapter 5 covers problems, temptations, and personal needs often entangled with online interactions.
  • Chapter 6 is a weighty chapter discussing social media’s place in the world and our own lives. Here is where Hoffman, carefully and helpfully digs in to the importance of seeing this subject through Christ’s eyes and adjusting our behavior accordingly.
  • Chapter 7 offers helpful principles to implement as we make a conscientious effort to change how we use the internet and communicate Biblically, as well as helpful insights for those times that we fail. “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!”  -Psalms 141:3
  • Chapter 8 is loaded with great tips to aid an edifying online experience. Some of my favorites were to set boundaries, expecting sinners to sin and questioning our comments.
  • Chapter 9 goes over difficult situations on social media. Such as, “When should I call someone out for something inappropriate for they posted?” and “Is it ok to be friends with or follow the opposite sex on social media?” I was particularly impressed with Hoffman’s Bible based approach which gave me a solid foundation for navigating these types of questions.
  • Chapter 10  is a beautifully written culmination of the purpose of the former chapters; in order to be fully satisfied in Christ  we need to allow Him access to every aspect of our lives, including social media.
  • The final chapter (11) is a list of helpful references and ideas, both for “real life” and online.

Overall, I was wholly blessed through reading this book. It wasn’t difficult to read and relatively short (approx. 101 pages). My only regret is that this book is currently only available in Kindle form. Personally, I’d love to have several copies of this book to hand out to my friends and family.

I am giving away 1 (kindle) copy of #Reforming Social Media. To enter, simply click #ReformingSocialMedia Giveaway and pick how you’d like to enter. This raffle runs through January 31/2015 and daily entries are permitted. Good luck! 


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