Good May 6, 2015

It is such a gift to have a Dr who calls you personally to check in. Even more so that she is level-headed. She reminds me that it is normal to feel a bit numb after starting a medication because I felt everything too acutely. Doh! I feel like an idiot for not seeing the parallel myself: my struggle with mental illness is an unbalanced amount of feeling. Left un-medicated I feel everything too much. It’s like the volume is turned up to 11. Medication helps turn the volume down, restoring balance to my mind. It is very good. The new meds are also not causing me to gain weight like the last ones did. I’ll never be a skinny mini because I just love cheese too much and hate exercising for the sake of looking “good” — but my size 12 pants fit again. It feels nice. Mercy upon mercy, blessings stacked up like cord wood. God is kind and merciful to those who call upon Him.

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