Why I Am Pro-Life

Why I Am Pro-Life July 29, 2015

Why I Am Pro-Life | Mere Breath

My second Hyperemetic pregnancy was Miss Mira. I started throwing up at 8 weeks and had lost 20lbs and was in the hospital for emergency rehydration by 10 weeks along. I threw up every day, at least once, throughout the entire pregnancy and on 32mg of Zofran (a drug used for chemotherapy) along with vitamin b6 and Unisom. Abortion would have stopped all my sickness, but I believe unborn babies have just as much a right to live as I do. Today, Mira Lorne is 6 years old, healthy, smart, athletic and really funny! Choose life. ‪#‎noregrets‬

Hyperemesis Education and Research (HER) Foundation
Waiting Upon the Lord: Prolife, Christian Hyperemesis Gravidarum Support
Defund Planned Parenthood

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