Don’t Be That Guy

Don’t Be That Guy May 17, 2016

Ah, yes. We knew it was going to happen. Zealous Christians treating bathroom drama with fire and brimstone. It really is a grand time to be a post-millennial.

As these videos demonstrate, this kind of premeditated tantrum is not the best way to open the eyes of the hurt and needy to Christ’s mercy and grace. Shaming never has that effect on anyone. At best it makes the self-righteous congregate and validate their ridiculous pride. At worse, shaming stumbles children of God (whether people think they are or not doesn’t affect the truth that they are).

Before I get a group attempting to virtually tar and feather me, I do actually think the transgender bathroom policy is madness. From a corporate standpoint, the best move they could do in respect of  transgenders would be to give them their own bathroom and acknowledge their uniqueness —  not put other customers in a position where they will be racing into the next store, or out to the bushes to relieve themselves. From a personal standpoint, well, I already talked about that. 

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