My Confession: I Was Wrong

My Confession: I Was Wrong July 13, 2020

I’ve been wrong about so many things in my life and ministry.

I thought God delighted in sending people to a flaming torture chamber for all eternity.
I was wrong.

I thought The Bible was everything God had to say to humanity.
I was wrong.

I thought a woman’s place was in the home-certainly not the pulpit.
I was wrong.

I thought God predestined people to reject Jesus.
I was wrong.

I thought everyone who died in Hitler’s furnaces was immediately transferred to God’s eternal furnace.
I was wrong.

I thought Jesus was a Republican (then I thought He was a Democrat).
I was wrong.

I thought I was doing “God’s will” when I’d use the Bible to make people painfully aware of their failures and shortcomings to bring them sobbing to the altar to repent.
I was wrong.

I thought local church decisions needed to be left up to the professional clergy and the voice of the average Christian was insignificant.
I was wrong.

I thought America had healed from its racist past.
I was wrong.

I thought the LGBTQ+ community was hostile to God/rejected by God.
I was wrong.

I thought God’s justice kept God’s love in check.
I was wrong.

I thought the bigger a church was, the more blessed it was by God.
I was wrong.

I thought a righteous person would never go without.
I was wrong.

I was so certain of so many things that turned out not to be true.

And it took me way too long to figure that out.

I’m so sorry to everyone that was hurt by all of my destructive beliefs. I thought I was doing the work of the Lord. Instead, I was living out of insecurity and fear.

I was wrong. And I know I’m probably still wrong about so many things. But I’m leaning into love and trying to be a more accurate reflection of the God of love.

Here’s my starting point…
God is perfect love.
And perfect love looks like Jesus.

(This excerpt is from the introduction to my forthcoming book, “From Ashes We Rise: Replanting Faith After Your Life Burns Down”)

For more of my personal spiritual evolution, please check out episode 00 of The Messy Spirituality Podcast.

About Jason Elam
Jason Elam is Brandi’s grateful husband, proud dad of 4 awesome kids, a former professional wrestler and radio broadcaster, and former local church pastor for over 20 years. He is the author of the forthcoming book, “From Ashes We Rise” and hosts The Messy Spirituality Podcast. You can connect with Jason on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon. You can read more about the author here.

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  1. So right now, you think that Christianity is giving you a good and accurate picture of how the world works, don’t you? Even after it’s failed test after test after test after test.
    Failed in ways that hurt other people badly.

    Can’t you see the one thread connecting all the wrongness?

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