Tis the Season to Quietly Reflect on God

Tis the Season to Quietly Reflect on God November 27, 2023

Quieting Our Hearts and Souls in this Holy Season
Quieting Our Hearts During This Holy Season


In the post below, I’ve selected brief excerpts from my column which will help us to settle ourselves into a quiet and calm state of mind. We are all in need of these holy silent moments where we exhale our worries and burdens. We must learn to daily quiet our hearts by stepping out of the hustle and bustle so characteristic of this season. Instead of focusing on everything we must get done, all the gifts we still need to purchase (and wrap), and the myriad of tasks we only take on during this holiday month; we are most in need of soul solitude. So, let’s begin by reviewing and revisiting these powerful messages that speak of who God is and what He wants us to know about him.

Ordinary Days are Blessed Days

Today is an ordinary day. And I am grateful for all that this word, “ordinary” implies. Of late, there has been too much bad news (near and far); too much turmoil (inward and outward); too much pressure, stress, and anxiety filling my days. So much so, that I have found myself longing for a day of absolute stillness, rest, and quiet.

God’s Word Overrides Our Personal Interpretations

As a fallible human being, my understanding is finite and limited, whereas God is infinite in wisdom, and understanding and lives beyond the constraints of time. As the Creator God, He alone fully knows and understands how we as His children best function and thrive. As the verse found in Hebrews 4:12 states, the Word of God is alive and active and it judges our thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. Understanding this foundational premise should give each of us confidence in God’s Word to change us; direct us; challenge us; correct us; and guide us through any and every life circumstance we face.

How We Think Determines How We Feel

In this 24 hour space of time, which will prevail in your heart and mind – fear or faith? We sometimes mistakenly believe that our circumstances will be the determining factor of whether or not we can experience the peace of mind that transcends all understanding.  Thus, we need to take our cue from what the Bible tells us about our internal wellbeing. The apostle Paul made the stunning declaration that he learned to be content in all circumstances.

There’s God’s Part and There’s Our Part

Again, when troubles assault us, we have to do our part as God’s Word instructs and keep our minds on those precious biblical truths. As we learn to lean hard into the faithful arms of Christ in the midst of life’s storms, Jesus gives us that supernatural peace that the world cannot give. On what will you choose to focus on today?

Our Words Will Build Up or Tear Down

Knowing that every word I speak can either build you up or tear you down should make me cautious in how I talk. I want my words to bring life to others. And the opposite is just as true. I never desire for my words to kill someone’s spirit…or their confidence, or their innate God-ordained value as a fellow human being.

Overthinking Only Makes Us Anxious and Worried

The more time we invest in pouring over God’s Word, the less compulsion we will feel to try to be masters of our fate. God never designed his children to live independently apart from his always sustaining strength, abundant grace, and perfect provision. God wants us to understand that we are totally dependent upon him each and every moment of every day. As our Creator and Sustainer, God desires for us to live in constant communion with him and there is no better way to live out this truth than to continually talk to him through prayer and praise.

Suffering Reveals Who We Are On the Inside

Too often we have created a god of our own making. We mistakenly have created a god who delivers exactly what we want and how we want it. It’s often been said that some believers will follow Christ only as far as He delivers to them their wants and demands. This is not the Christ of the Bible. Jesus plainly told his followers that when they become his disciples, they must be willing to die to themselves daily.

Victory Over Temptation Begins with Submitting to God

In this life, we won’t always get our way. In truth, we rarely will. But this small price of dying to self (and selfish gain) is nothing to be compared with the glory God will reveal in us in glory. Today we face a choice. Will we humbly submit to God’s plan for us so that our lives bring him both honor and glory? Or will we stubbornly choose to go our own way even when we know it violates God’s holy standard for his children? Each choice brings with it its own consequences so we must choose wisely.

Thy Will Be Done – The Prayer That Never Fails

We can exhale our emotional and mental and spiritual exhaustion. God’s grace and strength and protection is promised us for he will lead us in righteousness. He will make our paths straight. What a comfort! What a promise! What a Mighty God we serve!

A Renewed Mind Will Be Evident By the Choices We Make

One day at a time, our priority should be to consistently, diligently, and persistently seek God first. As we prioritize our daily time with God (away from the noise and distractions of the world); God will renew us from the inside out. He promises to give wisdom to those who ask. He tells us that he will guide our steps. God will continually demonstrate his perfect and abiding love toward us if we seek him first and foremost.

Don’t Make God’s Good Gifts Into Idols of Your Heart

Think about it. We so easily and so subtly exchange our love for the “good things” in our lives for our love for the Creator. While we may not always recognize this exchange in our hearts it happens every day. We can do it with work, with health, with material goods, and with our relationships.

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