Our Perfectly Imperfect Lives

Our Perfectly Imperfect Lives January 9, 2024

Our perfectly imperfect lives
             We live perfectly imperfect lives


And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

1 Peter 5: 10

God’s grace is abundant

As we begin this new year, many folks make resolutions, make commitments to do better, determine to never make the same mistakes. So what’s the problem with these lofty ideals? We can never, ever attain to our own self-prescribed ideal of perfection. We are indeed fallible human beings…every single one of us. And God knows that. He wants us to understand that as well.

What are you preoccupied with

Every one of us is preoccupied with something. Or someone. If your preoccupation doesn’t fall under the something or someone categories perhaps it is the attainment of some dream, hope, or desire. I love the quote above by John MacArthur when he asks, “What is your heart’s preoccupation? Are you more concerned with the kingdom or with the things of this world?” I have to ask myself that same question every day.

The illusion of perfection

Today, this very minute, am I choosing to preoccupy myself with my myriad of flaws, faults, and weaknesses? Or will I choose to set my heart, mind, and soul on God and knowing him better? I believe that much of my inner heart’s angst comes from a lack of contentment in how God made me with my personality, my giftedness, my preferences, and my passions. I struggle against falsely believing the lie that if I were “all together” one hundred percent of the time, my illusion of perfection would lessen (or eliminate) my suffering, my struggles, and my pain. But it isn’t so.

Run to the Father

God help us all to stop our unholy preoccupation with ourselves. Our failings. Our mistakes. Our weaknesses. All of which can depress, derail, and paralyze us from moving forward today in service to God and others. As a recovering perfectionist, I know firsthand that when I am forced to face my failings, I rankle against the rebuke. I’d much rather go to my quiet corner and ask for God’s forgiveness and then resolve to do better. And this asking for forgiveness is the right biblical response after we have sinned.

Our weakness reveals God’s strength

But I believe God wants to take that holy transaction a step further in my heart and mind. God wants me to fully comprehend that when I am weak (and I am), this is exactly when God’s grace falls upon me in strength. Like Paul, I need to look at myself accurately (because God does), and increase my gratefulness quotient for his unconditional love for me that is not dependent upon my success or failure.

His perfect love toward us should humble us

It’s only when we truly understand our weakness, our frailty, our imperfections and recognize God’s strength, power, and perfection that our hearts can finally find a place of rest in his love. Let’s not get weighed down by our imperfections and preoccupied by our failings. Rather, let these glaring imperfect human qualities produce in us the humility and dependence upon our Lord that he wants for all his own beloved children.


Questions for Personal Reflection:

  1. This week I will spend time daily looking up Scripture passages that tell of God’s abundant and extravagant forgiveness and grace.
  2. As I ponder these passages and promises, I will write them in my journal to reflect on every morning and evening.
  3. I will choose one verse to carry with me wherever I go.
  4. At week’s end, I’ll have memorized this promise and recite it throughout the day.
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