Friends Who Lighten Our Load

Friends Who Lighten Our Load April 15, 2024

Friends lighten our load


A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.

Proverbs 15:30

There is and are more reasons to laugh full and free every day. Each of us needs a friend (or two) that have the unique ability to make us (and others) and themselves laugh hard and long. It may be the kind of quirky way they view all of life and how they look at problems in particular. Or it may be that God just designed these funny folks with a higher caliber of honing into all that makes life merry. Who really knows?

Friends lighten our load in life

What I do understand and appreciate is this: my friends who can make me laugh lighten my load considerably and I leave them feeling better about my life and wanting to pass on the same contagious sense of joyous happiness that they sparked in me.

I have a friend like this. She has the sunniest disposition. Her face seems lit up with happiness from deep within and it shows. People don’t even need to hear my friend speak…her very presence is uplifting and encouraging. That’s not to say she hasn’t endured her share of difficult times and long seasons of suffering…she has. But my friend hasn’t allowed these hard times to dim that inner light of Jesus’ love for life in general and people in particular. Remember that old children’s song, “This little light of mine?” That describes my friend perfectly. She lets it shine. Lets it shine. Lets it shine.

Be the friend who makes others smile

I hope you have a friend (or two) can makes you laugh when all you want to do is cry. I hope that God has blessed you with a friend (or two) that has a sunny disposition that is so contagious that you are uplifted by just being in her presence. Maybe you are that friend to others. Perhaps God has blessed you with an innate ability to see life from a sunny-side up perspective and there is nothing you enjoy more than helping others view life from the same vantage point.

But for those who don’t have friends who can make them laugh, be not dismayed. There are ways to find reasons for smiling, for laughing, for finding the funnies everywhere you look. No, I’m not talking about laughing at others’ quirky habits or honing a witty sarcastic comeback. Neither of those conversational practices that make fun of others is right.

Learn to value the gift of laughter

Rather, I’m thinking of learning how to lighten up and laugh at ourselves more often. Instead of automatically feeling frustrated or embarrassed when we make a mistake or fumble at something…why not learn to smile the situation away and thank the Lord it wasn’t worse. How about laughing more often at the often-ironic turns of life? Why not? Are we afraid to let loose and experience the freedom of laughter? Do we somehow believe that Christians don’t laugh? Jesus laughed and he is God!

Laughter is not only good for our soul…it has excellent health benefits as well. Rather than confining your conversation to the serious only topics of the day become an expert at spotting the hilarious among the mundane. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for your friends. Learn and relearn to love laughter.


Thoughts for Personal Reflection:

  1. I am going to spend some time looking for funny stories, jokes, and movies and then consistently make reading and listening and viewing that which makes me laugh a regular part of my life.
  2. I will be the kind of friend that can feel at ease laughing at herself and will stop taking myself so seriously.
  3. If my friends need to laugh, I’ll be creative in finding out what makes her giggle and encourage us all to see life from a funnier perspective.
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