When Does the Kingdom of Heaven Come to Earth?

When Does the Kingdom of Heaven Come to Earth? August 29, 2018

When does the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth? It arrives at the moment we open our minds and hearts to receive it. Jesus taught the Kingdom is here and now present in our hearts. The Messiah challenged us to step out of our life experience and contemplate the fullness of the kingdom of Heaven on earth right now!  The kingdom of Heaven is not somewhere, and someplace waiting for us in the future, it is here now. (Being Aware of Gods presence.)

Wherever you are now at this moment in your life, the kingdom of Heaven is waiting for release in the silence of your heart. God’s presence is all around us, and we search and look for it everywhere but the right place to find it.

We discover it when we stop seeking and craving what the world appears to offer us. We realize we are separated from God by our thoughts and perceptions. (A Moment of Awakening) The kingdom of heaven is revealed to us when we are ready to ask for it, and when we desire it more than anything else. It comes when we no longer resist giving up control over to Christ and are willing to replace our thoughts with the thoughts of Christ and the kingdom of God.  The fantastic news salvation is present now and forever, and the peace of the kingdom of Heaven is ours now.

We now have the opportunity to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in every moment for every second is an opportunity for experiencing the presence of God. Every time we pray we experience God at a given point until our mind moves on to other thoughts.

Heaven comes every time we love our brothers and sisters. Heaven comes when we are at peace with our circumstances in life. Heaven comes every moment we dwell in the presence of God. Heaven comes when I know I am one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Once again remember, there is no need to prepare for the kingdom of Heaven it is already here. The kingdom of Heaven is neither found in the past or the future it is present in every moment of time, and God is the “Eternal Now.”  So stop, take a deep breath and realize the kingdom of Heaven is present within you. Contemplate you are in a relationship with the “resurrected Christ” and his Kingdom is present and alive in your heart. Practice the wonderment of the now and enjoy the presence of God in whatever is happening to you at this moment. Focus on the existence of God and the fullness of his kingdom is yours right now. The Kingdom of God is within you.


Luke 17:21 “They can’t say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ You see, the kingdom of God is within you.”

John 17:21-23 “I pray that all of these people continue to have unity in the way that you, Father, are in me and I am in you. I pray that they may be united with us so that the world will believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me. I did this so that they are united in the same way we are. I am in them, and you are in me. So they are completely united. In this way, the world knows that you have sent me and that you have loved them in the same way you have loved me.”

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