Mindful Christianity and how it relates to Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful Christianity and how it relates to Mindfulness Meditation September 18, 2018

Mindful Christianity and how it relates to mindfulness meditation is the practice of mindfulness is at the heart of Buddhist meditation and centers on wakefulness. We go through life with our minds more often asleep than awake to the dazzling beauty of the world around us in any given moment. Instead of engaging fully in life, we coast mindlessly through life capturing a picture of a beautiful sunset and miss the experience of enjoying the sunset itself.

Like a plane on autopilot, our minds subconsciously adjust to cope with the world and we lose touch with the only time we have to love, to feel, and to experience life on its deepest conscious levels.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to pause and to be aware of everything happening around us and experience each moment with renewed insight and appreciation for life itself. The essence of mindfulness helps us to see clearly the details and consciously evaluate every aspect and change in our life.

Mindful Christianity applies the work of mindfulness and its universal and practical benefit for meditating upon Christ and His word. Meditation is merely stopping and being present on whatever we want to focus our minds on. The question for the Christian is not is Buddhism a religion but as a Christian can you stop long enough for one moment to genuinely reflect upon Christ, and the kingdom of Gods impact upon your moment by moment existence.

Are you able to stop in your life even for a moment to meditate upon Christ and what would happen in your spiritual life if you did? Can you stop being a human *doing” things to a human “being” merely being who you were created to be?

Please put your ceaseless activity in perspective one day all your busyness and doing stuff will stop. Mindful Christianity is learning how to make times of solitude away from all the commotion and things you need to get done. Our minds will tell us there’s always another thing to finish before you actually stop and learn how to live in the present moment. Sometimes we have to mentally die on purpose to the activities of the world to free ourselves to be aware of the resurrected Christ which will make you feel more alive in the silence than any other labor in the world.

When we stop and let go of everything that is happening around us and meditate upon Christ and his kingdom fully awake in the present moment, we discover true freedom and eternal hope. I am thankful mindfulness meditation helps me to learn how to be a Mindful Christian and to live in the presence of God united in spirit with the Eternal Now of the universe.

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