One Divine and Perfect Moment

One Divine and Perfect Moment November 4, 2018

Let us contemplate the fullness of time captured in one divine and perfect moment of reflection and awareness. Melt all the barriers which humanly separate us from each other. Help us contemplate in our minds and hearts upon those we love and know.

Let this moment contain all of you and the awareness of your goodness and never-ending love and presence in our lives. In one divine and perfect moment let us ponder your grace, mercy, and respect toward us and all of creation.

We ask you to break down every barrier of our wills that separate us from you and cause us to judge and dishonor others made in your image. Let us see in each moment the light of eternity and the eternal now of your presence. Your love fills us with eternity in our heart, and your truth becomes our reality.

May we be ambassadors of peace and let love be the law we proclaim to everyone around us. Let us remember this world is not our home and we are only passing through for a moment and that hate and war will be no more. Eternal love will be the theme of our new heavenly home.

At this moment we are one with you and all creation. Let our eyes see beyond our division and sin and contemplate your divine plan for all humanity that we might be one and be joined together in you the fountain of everlasting life.

In this contemplative moment of reflection let us visualize a hope beyond this world grounded in the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for us. Let us know God’s love that can never change because our very existence is a perfect sign of God’s love for all humanity.

So at the moment let our hearts open fully to you. In the depths of our hearts and minds let us move beyond our doubts and fears and understand your plan for us. Let us dwell upon every aspect of our life and let us know as we contemplate in the silence you are seeking us.

As you open your heart, you will see His glorious presence and the eternal hope your heart is united with His and with all humanity forever and ever from this moment forward. We are His for all time.

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