I am a Restless Soul in Need of a Cure

I am a Restless Soul in Need of a Cure November 9, 2018

I am a restless soul lost with my mind always on the move wherever I am or wherever I go. I am a ceaseless wanderer plotting and planning my next step. Whether walking, sitting or driving down the road my mind vacillating between painful and good memories along with pondering what the future holds. Within all the craziness I question my sanity and wonder will I survive the current pain-and-suffering I’m going through? (The Fear of the Silence is Killing Us) I am a restless soul in need of a cure.

No wonder I feel stressed and exhausted at the end of the day. When I continuously fight yesterday’s battles and worry about tomorrow’s finances as an everyday practice, there is little peace. I know trying to drown out the noise and thoughts with whatever is on the screen in front of me does little good. The sad commentary on my life is I put up with the constant agitation in my mind that robs me of my peace but the good news there is hope and a way to overcome it.

Lord thank you for your help at this point, I’m now aware of how out-of-control my mind is and how much my life is involved in a constant cycle of fear, anxiety, and worry. Lord, I thank you that I recognize I cannot drown my fears and drug my mind as a way to find peace.

I am thankful you promised that you will be my peace, my comfort, my anchor and will never let me go. Lord, I thank you that I do not have to be a prisoner in my mind and you provide a way to escape from the mindless chatter and thoughts that fill my head. (Calming My Restless Mind)

You have promised as I make the meditations of my heart acceptable in your sight oh Lord and learn to practice living in your presence moment by moment your peace will settle my wayward thoughts. When I stop and take the time to meditate on you alone, you do a lasting work within my soul. When I contemplate on you and learn to release all the other thoughts in my mind, I find in the silence peace for my soul. You are the cure for my restless soul.

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