July 27, 2018

TERFs are of a piece with the alt-right, from their reliance on pseudo-science to their deployment of propaganda intended to demonize and do violence to marginalized groups. Read more

July 23, 2018

This is a delightful little book, one clearly aimed at younger readers new to mythology, or who’ve just finished reading “Percy Jackson” and are ready to try a taste of the harder stuff. Read more

July 12, 2018

Is witchcraft a set of beliefs? A set of practices? Or is it something else altogether, something not reducible to techniques, trappings, dogma, or details? Read more

July 10, 2018

We all have agendas, because we all have worlds in which we want to live, and we all exert what power we have to bring those worlds into being. Read more

June 26, 2018

You have the right and the responsibility to say, “This is what I’m working on, and this is as much as I can do right now.” Read more

June 21, 2018

I can tell someone why they should care, but I can’t make them care. At this point, I’m left with pleading: please, please care. Read more

June 14, 2018

How many of us in 21st century America have spent time with the dying, held their hands, given their medicines, cleaned their bodies? How many of us have actually seen what death looks like? Read more

June 1, 2018

I come away from their writing feeling like I’ve just had my brain sand-blasted and power-rinsed, and like I need to seriously step up my game. Read more

May 30, 2018

In the wild, wild world of Paganism, polytheism, and magical practice, we spend an awful lot of time arguing about labels. Read more

May 24, 2018

Even as we invoke the land, we contribute to its destruction. Read more

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