Dinner Church at St. Lydia’s [VIDEO]

Dinner Church at St. Lydia’s [VIDEO] July 2, 2012

St. Lydia’s is a progressive ELCA/Episcopal church that worships around a meal every Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York. Pastoral minister Emily Scott explains the concept of “dinner church”:

“Our central act at St. Lydia’s is to gather together around a meal and around a table. The idea is that when we’re at this table together, there’s a way in which we’re practicing for how we’d like to be when we’re out in the world. So, it’s a table where we learn how to feed one another, and we learn to be fed. It’s a table where we learn to be compassionate with one another, and patient with one another. And it’s a table where we learn to be open to God’s presence, and to spend time sort of feeling that movement and that presence in our lives.”

What do you think about the idea of “dinner church”? Who else is exploring this model as a way of “practicing for how you’d like to be in the world”?

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