Creating a Magical Space for a Tarot Reading

Creating a Magical Space for a Tarot Reading September 16, 2019

Creating a  space for doing readings is often an overlooked part of doing tarot reading (or any kind of reading for that matter). The area you do your readings in, and the state of your own energy can make a big difference, especially when you have a challenging reading to do. Getting your energy ready for a reading is a whole other topic, so today we’re going to focus on your physical space.

I have done readings in some crazy situations with some of the most distracting things going on around me. I have literally done readings in the middle of Grand Central Station. Honestly, that wasn’t nearly as bad as trying to do a reading in an apartment filled with loud roommates.

While these tips are focused on doing readings, you might want to consider them when getting ready to do any magickal or spiritual work since the same principles and intentions apply. The purpose is to create a distraction-free space. When you’re doing your prep, hold the intention of creating a temple for your work no matter where you may physical be set up.

  1. Put Away Things You Don’t Need

As someone who loves to have mementos and toys, magickal and otherwise, lying around all the time, when its time to do a reading, I clear away everything that doesn’t add to the energy I want for my reading. All the stuff on my desk that doubles as my reading space gets put away unless it can be helpful. Some crystals may stay out, a candle and some incense may be there, but otherwise, anything in that space will bring an energy of distraction, so it goes.

  1. Cleanse Your Space With Smoke, Fire, Water, or Sound

Or use all four and then some if you want to be sure the space is clear! Since I usually burn incense while reading and I don’t want to fog up my apartment, I often use a “smudge spray” made of distilled water, cedarwood essential oil, and sage essential oil around my space. I make sure to spray the surface I’ll work on, the general area, my cards, and myself.

  1. Have Opening and Closing Actions

This can be using a singing bowl, ringing a bell, saying a specific mantra, prayer, or invocation. This should be something that marks the start of your sacred divination time. This can be as grand or as small as is fitting for you. I suggest having an opening and closing that are similar and doing something that you can easily repeat any time you do a reading. It will become second nature to your process over time.

  1. Put Your Ego In Time Out

This is the hardest part sometimes, especially if you’re reading for yourself, but it’s essential. Doing something that puts your ego in the backseat, so your Higher Self, the Divine, and any guides or spirits you work with to freely come through is important. My readings are primarily channeled, so I need that space for the messages to flow through along with the cards. I close my eyes and visualize my ego as a separate version of myself literally stepping back behind me to allow this space for my Higher Self to step forward. Just make sure you reverse this process when you’re done!

  1. Visualize A Soundproof Barrier

If you’re someone that likes casting circles, by all means, cast a circle to keep out distractions. I’m not must of a circle caster myself, but I do feel that creating an energetic barrier, created with the intent of keeping distracting sounds out helps. I will close my eyes and in a clockwise circle around me visualize soundproof glass that is tall with the top open. The height keeps the lower level sounds out, but the opening allowing spirits to flow in. Just remember to “take it down” when you’re done otherwise someone could be trying to call you from another room, but you’ll never hear them (been there, done that).

How you create space for your sacred work, whether its readings, meditation, or magick is a personal thing. The tools and techniques you use add to the energy of what you’re doing. As long as you are doing things that create sacred space for you the way you define it, you’re good to go. If for you that means a bottle of wine and some Florence + The Machine playing in the background, go for it! Just do me a favor and make sure you’re drinking some excellent wine.

About Jess Carlson
I’m Jess, a Chaos Witch, professional tarot and oracle reader, blogger, writer, occult teacher, and magickal life mentor. I’m also an artist and gamer and aspiring graphic designer. As you can tell I’m multipassionate and love to bring magick and witchery into everything I do. I got started in the Craft at a very young age. I was 8 when I discovered tarot which lead me to discovering information that helped me realize my imaginary friends weren’t so imaginary. I grew up in Connecticut under the shadow of the Salem Witch Trials. Taking field trips to Salem and learning about the history of the witch trials was a regular part of my school curriculum growing up (including the fact that the first witch hanging in the New World happened in Hartford, CT). When I was 11 I found Wicca and that began my adventure into Paganism and spirituality as a witch. 2019 officially marked 30 years since I did my very first self-dedication. In 2005 I was initiated as a High Priestess of an eclectic Wiccan tradition and have practiced in several traditions since. Tarot is one of my main jams. I bring tarot into everything I do from mundane to magickal. I use tarot for magick, meditation, decision making, inspiration, and creative sparks. It’s one of my favorite things to teach too. I got my first Rider Waite Smith deck when I was 10 years old and have been using the cards ever since. I collect tarot and oracle cards and have a collection of over 200 decks at this point (they are a bitch to move but a joy to have access to). You can read more about the author here.

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