Full Moon in Gemini for 2019

Full Moon in Gemini for 2019 December 9, 2019

Note: Astrology forecasts are inevitably generalized because they can’t account for each individual’s birth chart and how it interfaces with the current planetary positions. This post focuses primarily on the full Moon. Each week, Modern Witch creator Devin Hunter writes a magical astrology forecast for the week as a whole that I encourage you to check out! Also, this post refers to the pure, archetypal forms of the zodiac signs, not what we see in actual people, who each have complex birth charts.

On Wednesday, December 11th at 9:12 p.m. PST, the full Moon in Gemini will rise. When the Moon is full, it’s on the opposite side of the earth from the Sun. This situates it in the opposite zodiac sign as the Sun, forming a polarity or “opposition,” where each planet pulls at the other. With the Sun and Moon, this surfaces tension between our core sense of self (Sun) and our emotions, instincts, and subconscious (Moon). Insights and revelations can stem from this restless meeting, and full Moons are said to inspire illumination and revelation, alongside completion, fruition, and release. As the lunar qualities within us reach their peak, matters can come to a head.

This full Moon finds us at the polarity between Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is adventurous, philanthropic, idealistic, and philosophical, with big ideas and quests to undertake. Ruled by Jupiter, it has a shine of optimism and luck to it, but it can also easily bite off more than it can chew. At its core, Sagittarius wants to find Ultimate Truth while having an epic time along the way. It’s the part of us that dares to seek out mystery in unknown places while trusting that it will land on its feet (thanks to the undercurrent of Jupiterian energy).

Sagittarius is also a sign of justice and “good will toward men.” It can be zealous, but almost always for some kind of cause, not its self-interest. During Sagittarius season, the time when the Sun is in Sagittarius (which ends on Yule), we have greater access to this sense of adventure and discovery within ourselves, as well as a desire to champion what’s important and offer the gold of our lives in service.

Each full Moon highlights a sign whose season is six months away. Now, it’s Gemini’s turn. Oppositions are known for tension between opposites that share some commonality. In my opinion, Gemini and Sagittarius is the most sympathetic opposition because of what they share: deep curiosity and an eagerness to learn (as mutable signs, they can also both be flexible and adaptable). Their difference in this area is depth vs. breadth. Gemini wants to know a little bit about everything, whereas Sagittarius wants to dive deep (i.e. Gemini wants to write an encyclopedia; Sagittarius seeks to pen a dissertation). While these conflicting preferences can rub the other the wrong way, I don’t often find that to be true in practice. They both tend to fare well at parties too, which perhaps helps.

Symbolized as twins, Gemini is known for being able to hold contrasting opinions or emotions at once or in close succession, which is where its reputation for being “crazy” comes from. An intellectual air sign, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, and accordingly, the way we communicate, structure thoughts, and process information is all within Gemini territory. Above all though, Gemini is the storyteller of the zodiac, and this full Moon can be a powerful time for considering the stories at work in our lives, particularly against the backdrop of Sagittarius season’s focus on truth. The stories we tell ourselves shape so much of what we perceive and experience, as well as how we feel, and often, we hold stories within that are untrue (or at least distorted or biased) that negatively impact us. When we believe these stories, we can feel worse about ourselves, our lives, the world, etc. than we need to.

For example, maybe I have a story that “nothing ever works out for me,” and because I believe that, I tend to notice evidence in my environment that reinforces that belief and disregard what refutes it, which is an automatic psychological process called “confirmation bias.” If I believed something different instead, like “some things work out for me, while others don’t,” I wouldn’t feel as hopeless. My magic would be far more effective too. Importantly, and I say this as a cognitive behavioral therapist as much as an astrologer, this questioning process has nothing to do with trying to force ourselves to think positively. This is about resolving distortion and bias, which can make a tremendous difference on its own.

As our minds light up on the Gemini full Moon, powered by two of the most intellectually passionate signs, we can fruitfully journal or otherwise reflect on the stories we tell ourselves and how true they are. Where they aren’t, what do we want to believe instead that seems as true if not truer? What could help us believe that? This is also a potent night for reflecting on our thought patterns in general. Are our day-to-day thoughts supportive of our well-being and intentions? If not, why not? Are these thoughts accurate or biased and/or distorted in some way? How would the situations they reference look if seen from multiple people’s vantage points?

This full Moon also provides a rich opportunity to let our curiosity soar and brainstorm ideas about what we want to do in next year. No need to make any plans – there’s plenty of time for that during Capricorn season. Now is the time to simply soar on the wings of Geminian and Sagittarian curiosity and vision, and wonder and dream.

For those of you who work with Tarot, here’s a spread for this full Moon:

  • Card One: What’s an unsupportive story I hold about myself?
  • Card Two: What could I benefit from thinking about more?
  • Card Three: What do I believe about myself that is helpful?
  • Card Four: What belief about myself would it benefit me to nurture?
  • Card Five: What would be helpful to focus on as the calendar year winds down?

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Durgadas Allon Duriel is an occultist, yogi, therapist, evolutionary astrologer, and Tarot enthusiast. He has practiced magic since childhood, eventually discovering modern paganism and Wicca in high school and later initiating into a Hermetic order in 2005. He trained there intensively for two-and-a-half years, focusing on Astrology, Kabbalah, Yoga, Tarot, and ritual, which he continues to study and practice. He is also a licensed clinical social worker and a certified holistic health practitioner. His first book "The Little Work: Magic to Transform Your Everyday Life" is due from Llewellyn Worldwide in March of 2020. You can read more about the author here. You can read more about the author here.

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