Getting Stoned with Moldavite

Getting Stoned with Moldavite January 7, 2020

Picture it, 15 million years ago, humanity was just beginning to emerge and the world looked a lot different. Suddenly, over the skies of what is now Germany a light flashes in the heavens as a meteor enters Earth’s upper atmosphere and comes hurtling towards you.  The force of the impact was 1.8 million times the Hiroshima bomb. It was so hot that the material enclosed within the meteor became essentially molten space glass, which was then shot back out into our atmosphere, cooled quickly, and then rained down on what is now modern day Germany, Austria, and the Czech republic.

Most of the Moldavite we find today is mined near or in the Czech Republic but its lore can be traced to regions like Greece and India. Moldavite is said to be the crown jewel on Lucifer, the stone that sits atop the Holy Grail, and is even believed to have been the stone that sat atop the statue of Diana at Ephesus, known to the ancients as Diopet.

In modern metaphysics we prize Moldavite for its extra-terrestrial origins that connect us to the great beyond. We also work with this ally as a stone of high vibration that can assist in manifesting change on multiple levels and is often incorporated into workings that help us break free from stagnancy.

It is a stone of initiation, psychic expansion, and ascension. All of those things may sound fun, but in truth, Moldavite can actually act as an early catalyst for these experiences and that could be dangerous if you aren’t prepared. So before we go any further, I do want to give you a bit of a heads up that even though this stone is popular and everyone wants a piece, it may not be a good fit for you. And that is OK!

On a physical level, Moldavite is said to assist in the breaking of addictions and symptom management of nervous disorders like Alzheimers, Epilepsy, and Neuropathy. Those who get constant headaches or migraines are warned away from the use of Moldavite as it may actually worsen their symptoms.

On a mental level, Moldavite is said to assist in creative blocks, depression, and the removal of self-imposed doubts, fears, and anxiety. It is said that those of us with a propensity for self-sabotage would do well to work with Moldavite as it assists in transforming negative patterns into positive foundational attributes.

On a spiritual level, Moldavite is known as a gateway stone, bridging earthly existence with our extra-planetary origins; connecting us to the ALL known as Universal Spirit, or simply God-Herself.  It will assist channelers in making clear contact with other-worldy entities and will help you communicate with just about any type of spirit. Generally, Moldavite is used in bindings and exorcisms as a powerful ally against spirit attachments and unwanted empathic energies, making it an excellent stone for spiritual protection.


Unfortunately, we are running out of Moldavite in the mines where it was once plentiful, making this already rare gem even harder to find. Experts predict that the mines will run dry within the next ten years and that there was only ever around 300 tons of available gem material to begin with. It isn’t cheap, usually running around $12-$24 a gram for raw normal pieces to $200 a gram for the ultra-gemmy variety. Though technically a glass, it is a soft one only pulling a 5.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, and to the untrained eye can feel like almost plastic. Due to price and how easy it is to counterfeit, there are several synthetic materials that can be passed off as Moldavite to unknowing buyers.

There are two recommended ways to tell if you are sporting a real moldavite or a fake one. The first is to drop it into a cup of freshly boiled water. Let it sit for a few moments and then drain the water. If the stone bends, it is fake. Real moldavite has a melting point of 2012*F, boiling water won’t even phase it. Otherwise, the second option is to check to see if it’s just died glass. Unless faceted, your moldavite should not have a shiny glass look to it. Though, technically yes, it’s a type of glass, it isn’t the type of glass we make mirrors and windows with. If you tap it gently on a plate of glass it shouldn’t sound like glass-touching glass but will have a more muffled tone.

Moldavite is a really great stone to work with and I do enjoy utilizing it in my practices, but I have totally seen it cause problems for people. Stones give off a vibration and not every vibration is copesetic to your own. Moldavite of all stones has an ability to buzz so much that it causes problems for some and can create etheric blow outs -kinda like frying your energy body. If you notice that you are getting lightheaded more, have lack of physical energy, struggle to stay in your body or remain grounded, or have noticed trouble sleeping, it is a good idea to stop working with moldavite for a while. Introduce it slowly into your practice and let yourself build up a tolerance before wearing it.

Cleanse your Moldavite in black sand, charged spring water, or with sound. Do not use salt as it can scratch your Moldavite and cause new pours to develop, weakening the structure.


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