George Lakoff on President Obama’s Moral Vision

George Lakoff on President Obama’s Moral Vision April 18, 2011

“Last week, on April 13, 2011, President Obama gave all Democrats and all progressives a remarkable gift. Most of them barely noticed. They looked at the President’s speech as if it were only about budgetary details. But the speech went well beyond the budget. It went to the heart of progressive thought and the nature of American democracy, and it gave all progressives a model of how to think and talk about every issue.

It was a landmark speech. It should be watched and read carefully and repeatedly by every progressive who cares about our country — whether Democratic office-holder, staffer, writer, or campaign worker — and every progressive blogger, activist and concerned citizen. The speech is a work of art.

The article continues here…”

We elected a pragmatic idealist who saved the country from slipping into a depression at terrible personal cost, put together the first hope of national health care in our history, and who is now under assault by those who would bring him and our nation down.

Time to remember.

Time to stand up.

Time to stand with our president

and for that vision of hope and pretty much our last best chance to navigate through these difficult times with open eyes and open heart…

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