Pure Thoughts

Pure Thoughts November 7, 2011

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog entry expressing my fond hope that the Occupy movement focus a little and work on getting the vote out, and specifically suggesting the Democratic party as being a place to work.

It was a song of pragmatism.

Among those who disapproved, among quite a few, were a subset who spoke disparagingly of pragmatism in favor of some great goals, pure revolution.

To which I can only say, God save us from the pure.

Of all the evils I’ve encountered in my life, both from others and within my self, the impulse of knowing what’s what without a shade of doubt have been the scariest.

There’s an old saying that fish can’t live in pure water.

I’m sure we can’t. We’re a messy lot, with messy hearts, and hoping it is otherwise leads to madness, and insisting on purity leads to worse.

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