Recalling Guy Fawkes

Recalling Guy Fawkes November 5, 2014

guy fawkes

Of course today is Fireworks Night in Great Britain, also called Guy Fawkes Day or Night.

The official holiday celebrates the thwarting of a plot to kill king and parliament.

Others, those who are not particularly positively inclined to their governments, celebrate the day in honor of rebellion itself.

Inspired by the film V for Vendetta the Guy Fawkes mask was adopted first by the hacktivist group Anonymous, and later by the American Occupy Movement and has become ubiquitous around the web for that sense of rebellion…

I kind of like the juxtaposition of relief at putting down a rebellion and rebellion itself being celebrated.

The tension of the human heart.

The place of creative engagement.

That dynamic tension we find in a republic

Or, just in lives that matter…

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