Those Lovely Episcopalians

Those Lovely Episcopalians February 5, 2015

episcopal mass
I was just “friended” as they say on Facebook by an old seminary friend, as in friend. He was on the Anglican path and ended up going off to Oxford, and we lost track. Glad for social media and the re-connect.

I’ve long had a soft spot in my heart for the Episcopal Church, as they say, a bunch of Unitarians with a sense of style. Of course that’s not really true, and within that “true” why I’ve never crossed the Thames despite my deep fondness for that gang.

Among the things I do like can be seeing in how today is marked out in the American Episcopal Church calendar as a feast for Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. The one a Baptist, well, at least for five minutes, and the other a Quaker.

what they share with modern Anglicanism, or, at least the part I like, is a fierce dedication to freedom of thought.

Something getting a little on the rare side these days…

So, blessings on Roger and Anne,

And blessings on those good folk who remember them

and what they stood for…

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